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What is Steel and Metal Pickling?

Steel and metal pickling is a process used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, rust or scale from metals. This process is pivotal for maintaining the integrity, enhancing the durability and improving the performance of metals in various applications.
The metal and steel pickling process involves immersing the metal in an acid bath, which chemically removes the surface impurities. This acid bath effectively strips away the unwanted material, leaving the metal’s surface clean and ready for subsequent processing, like coating or painting, ensuring those treatments adhere properly and perform as intended.
After steel or metal pickling, the part is left with a dull, clean, uniform finish. Pickling does not reduce the surface roughness of an object; it slightly raises it. When the pickling process is finished, the part then gets passivated to restore the oxide layer and neutralize the acids, giving the part higher corrosion and rust resistance.


Benefits of Pickling

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Pickling FAQs

We specialize in Stainless Steel and Nickel alloys.

Our pickle tank is 96” wide, 60” tall and 60” deep. There are various ways to maneuver parts in a tank that large including dipping a part at different angles to fit even larger parts.

Yes! Pickling will remove weld burn marks and weld scale leaving the product with a nice dull steel finish.

No, metal pickling will create a slightly rougher finish, it removes a thin layer of metal, which is great for getting rid of defects caused from heat like weld scale. After pickling, a part will need passivation to restore the oxide layer.